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FAQ related to HostMonster SEO Tools
Knowledgebase Article 85,454 views tags: faq marketing seo tools

How HostMonster SEO Tools work
Knowledgebase Article 58,742 views tags: marketing seo tool

What is SEO and how can it help you
Knowledgebase Article 121,494 views tags: google rank seo site

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This law was proposed by the European Union (EU), and will go into effect May 25, 2018. What is GDPR, and what do you need to know to prepare for it
Knowledgebase Article 59,604 views tags: data eu gdpr general protection regulation

2003 for Windows. While it can be used for other versions of Outlook, some screens and steps might vary. Select the 'Tools' menu. Select Accounts. Click on the "Add a new E-mail account" op
Getting Started Article 191,019 views tags: email emailclient mail

This article will explain how to change the Site URL or Home URL setting in WordPress. This may be useful if you have moved your WordPress site or are planning to move your WordPress site.
Knowledgebase Article 199,318 views tags: home site url wordpress wordpresstools

You have invested a significant amount of time creating and perfecting your website, and you're ready to publish it for the world to see! Are you really though? Use this checklist to ensure your site is ready for publication.
Knowledgebase Article 29,732 views tags: checklist guide list practice publication publish site website

How to update your WordPress site, using the WordPress tools
Knowledgebase Article 74,214 views tags: upgrade wordpresstools

Our updated 'Rock' user interface offers a fresh new look, along with several useful tools and helpful features. One such feature is the My Sites tab, where you can easily manage your websites.

With the purchase of a hostmonster shared hosting account, you will also have the ability to use several tools, as well as marketing credits. This article explains the credits provided and how to redeem them.
Knowledgebase Article 74,156 views tags: ad advertising bing credit google hosting marketing offer shared

This article will explain how to use WordPress Tools to backup or restore your WordPress site
Knowledgebase Article 134,801 views tags: backup restore wordpresstools

If you suspect malicious content, hacks or a virus on your VPS/Dedicated account here are some tools located in your WHM that you can use.
Knowledgebase Article 112,568 views tags: clamav dedi dedicated malware virus vps

Versatile and robust, WordPress is a favorite among applications and content management systems. This article provides nine tips for working in WordPress.
Knowledgebase Article 31,757 views tags: guide tips tricks wordpress wp

In December 2016, ICANN implemented a few amendments to their <a href="https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/registrars/transfers-en">Transfer Policy</a>. In addition to regulating inter-registrar transfers for general top-level domains (gTLDs), the updated policy sets new requirements for domain tr
Knowledgebase Article 363,718 views tags: domain ownership transfer

This article will explain how to login to a WordPress site using WordPress tools.
Knowledgebase Article 138,865 views tags: login wordpress wordpresstools

How to change the name of your WordPress site without WP Tools
Knowledgebase Article 138,066 views tags: change domain update wordpress

Many popular website platforms use PHP for rendering their content. It’s common for these sites to have automatic update tools to ensure that they work with the latest version of PHP, however sometimes a theme or plugin for these services may prevent them from updating or may not work with a newer
Knowledgebase Article 56,270 views tags: deprecation discontinue end php upgrade

This article will show a way to protect specific pages of your website with SSL. This may have benefits for SEO and can be used on pages that contain forms, shopping carts or any other page where users might enter sensitive information.
Knowledgebase Article 81,235 views tags: htaccess pages specific ssl

The California Consumer Privacy Act is a law designed to enhance consumer privacy rights for California consumers and encourage transparency regarding how businesses collect and use personal information.
Knowledgebase Article 31,616 views tags: ca california ccpa consumer

General Information about SSL Certificates
Knowledgebase Article 488,064 views tags: accept card cert certs credit ecommerce encryption layer online payments secure shopping socket

How to setup an email account in Outlook 2016 for Mac
Knowledgebase Article 144,950 views tags: client email mac mail outlook setup

HostMonster offers a number of great shared web hosting products and plans that fit all different types of budgets. View our price comparison chart today!
Knowledgebase Article 5,075,027 views tags: faq price pricing shared

Prices for Dedicated Hosting and Dedicated related addons
Knowledgebase Article 285,988 views tags: dedicated faq price

When you purchase a theme subscription you get access to Seller Support, the Theme Seller’s support forum. From there you can contact the theme developer for help with general theme-related issues.
Knowledgebase Article 32,916 views tags: author seller support themes wordpress

This article offers suggestions for selecting a domain name that is effective and memorable.
Knowledgebase Article 115,426 views tags: domain

WordPress Pro provides users with elevated server resources and customer support beyond what is expected in traditional shared hosting platforms.
Knowledgebase Article 75,561 views tags: details features hosting pricing pro shared wordpress wp

Prices for VPS Hosting and VPS related addons
Knowledgebase Article 331,236 views tags: faq price vps

General Instructions on how to use the spam folder with webmail
Knowledgebase Article 152,688 views tags: email spam spamassassin webmail

How can I add a favorites icon (favicon) to my site.
Knowledgebase Article 299,887 views tags: icon

This article will explain why you see "Your WordPress site appears to be infected with malware. Please update to remedy this problem."
Knowledgebase Article 148,279 views tags: malware wordpress wordpresstools

WHOIS Domain Privacy for domains registered with HostMonster
Knowledgebase Article 6,471,685 views tags: domain privacy whois

What are the publish settings for Web Easy Professional ?
Knowledgebase Article 208,877 views tags: easy ftp professional publish web

What is Cache? How do I clear my browsers Cache?
Knowledgebase Article 352,246 views tags: cache

What can I do to increase my Site Security while hosting with HostMonster?
Knowledgebase Article 331,742 views tags: antivirus basic hacked keyloggers malware php security site

A list of frequently asked questions about the upgrade to the newest version of Weebly
Knowledgebase Article 79,766 views tags: Weebly builder drag drop site upgrade

Prices and features of Cloud Hosting
Knowledgebase Article 105,545 views tags: cloud hosting pricing

General Email issues where should I start?
Knowledgebase Article 211,837 views tags: email troubleshooting

How to Migrate a self hosted copy of WordPress
Knowledgebase Article 677,135 views tags: migrate wordpress

My Ruby on Rails installation keeps displaying a '404 Not Found' error.
Knowledgebase Article 199,345 views tags: file missing public rails ruby

Please have your account name, domain name, and primary email address handy when contacting support so we can assist you quickly. Need help? This article will explain how to prepare for and contact support.

How to Purchase a Comodo Private SSL
Knowledgebase Article 220,379 views tags: ssl

Why is my site not the first result on Google or an other search engine?
Knowledgebase Article 191,524 views tags: bing engine google search seo yahoo

Configuring your email client: Outlook 2003
Knowledgebase Article 267,038 views tags: email imap outlook pop

A tutorial on how to perminately delete columns from your mySQL database using phpMyAdmin
Knowledgebase Article 118,349 views tags: Plesk cpanel databases mysql phpmyadmin

How to manage CloudFlare on your HostMonster account.
Knowledgebase Article 319,481 views tags: cloudflare dns

This article will walk you through copying and moving files using the File Manager.
Knowledgebase Article 189,786 views tags: cpanel filemanager

Do You Have Any Applications Available for Customers to Use?
Knowledgebase Article 194,004 views tags: Marketplace cgi scripts

Getting spammed? What does HostMonster recommend?
Knowledgebase Article 340,099 views tags: email filter spam

How do I FTP to my addon domains and subdomains without interfering with my main account.
Knowledgebase Article 357,182 views tags: addon domain ftp

How to repair and optimize your database using phpMyAdmin:
Knowledgebase Article 372,245 views tags: database mysql optimizing repairing slow speed

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